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Voyage of Discovery
Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery

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Come on a journey whilst we transcribe our adventures as modern Australian mead makers. Our journey started nearly 5 years ago, and just like any adventure there's sure to be lessons learnt.

This mead is the total of these lessons, and highlights the progression we've made from then. Using hand shelled macadamias we created our "must" by boiling the nuts, then fermenting with NSW Red Gum honey. Fermented fresh Corella pears during both primary and secondary fermentation, this is the most labour intensive mead we've ever made.

It is also the most rewarding. Cloudy and crisp, fruity and full of flavour, the ingredients individually don't tell the whole story but when paired with our techniques and a style unfound in any of our meads to date this mead will unfold the delights found on the Voyage of Discovery.

9.3% ABV.    2.8 standard drinks