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Where to from Here

Where to from Here

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Now that Summers come and gone, does that mean sour, refreshing meads are no longer suitable for our climate? As a nation, we're not exactly steeped in mulled wine like the UK or hot beers like our distant Nordic crew.

But in the stormy weather that lies ahead, there can be a ray of sunlight. A glimmer into summer which is quickly forgotten once the chill sinks deep into ones bone. Where to from Here is one such sour mead that can act on the deepest chill. A mead that will warm you through and raise you from your hyperthermic slumber. But how?

This sour mead, as all to date, has been co-pitched with an ale yeast and our house bacteria culture, with the first winter crop of a citrus medley added in secondary. Allowed to age, mature and then finally bottled early 2019, Where to from Here then sat for a further four months in bottles. 

Enjoy cold from the fridge during the last fleeting rays of warmth before Winter really sets in or allow to reach room temperature. It's one mead sure to warm you up.

6.8% ABV.         2.2 standard drinks