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Sparkling mead and glass
Portolan Charts

Portolan Charts

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Venturing to new found lands, through unknown waters. Like life, not knowing what tomorrow may bring. Maybe you’ll discover clear and calm waters or potentially drown in the downfall and dumpers.

Finding a safe haven when it gets too rough, the ability to face the storms weathering you down comes from experience.

Rhumb lines, compass roses, variation and deviation. Learning, laughing, losing and gaining.

Portolan Charts was a way sailors in the 13th century would record far off distant and exotic lands, literally translating to port or harbour. In other words sailing directions to steer by.

This is Portolan Charts, our lemon dropped dry hopped mead made with orange blossom honey. Like a well lit port in the middle of a moonless night, creating comfort and kindness, guiding us to where we don’t realise we need to be.

Find comfort in our Portolan Charts