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Hawk, Heron, Finch, Honey, Mead, Davidson Plum, Label
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Davidson Plum Orange Blossom

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Decadent and delicious, this mead offers sweetness, acid and flavour all beautifully integrated to showcase the taste of Australia.

With brightness from orange blossom honey offered through-out the mid palate, the honey dances between blossom, candied ginger and oranges. Sweetness dissolves into strong acid and tannin structure from the Davidson plum.

The fruit is the stand out here, pouring a soft luminous red glow, legs are instant and longing. Initial nose begins with cherries, Christmas pudding and lime zest. With time, this opens to stewed rosella, cooked raspberries and Tasmanian pepper-berrys. 

A complex meld of Australian honey and native fruit, sustainable and regenerative, mead that treads gentle on Country.

375ml VOL                                                                                                                        12% ABV

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