White Label Range OUT NOW!

Where can we find you?

We want to have a tasting room just as much as it seems you guys do.

Our goal is to have a venue where all of our mead family can come and feel at home. A location that incorporates our place in the community and serve as a hub for our community. We just want to work on a couple of things first. Those being:

1. Focussing on making high quality, refined and unique modern meads that push our skills and techniques whilst challenging the (mis)perceptions that abound around mead.

2. Delivering a customer service experience unlike any other.

We are committed to a long term goal to ensure Hunter and the Harp is a recognised and trusted business. We know that starting off too large too quickly can result in either poor customer service or a product being released that isn't up to our expectations.

Knowing that our customers are at the core of our values and mission, we want to remain devoted to proving that our gifting experience and customer service is as memorable as our mead. Plus there's the cost with a prime street location as well as the management and time needed for a never ending amount of affairs that would ultimately again, see a fall in our service or quality.

Crawl, Walk, Run basically. We also want to grow organically without any outside large investments or company re-structuring. To remain true to ourselves we need to ensure that our customers remain our priority-not appeasing a shareholders investment (that doesn't mean we've excluded the idea of private investment, we would love to hear from anyone who believes in us to offer financial support).

If we did have a tasting room, there's two areas' on our radar and they couldn't be any further apart in both location, demographics or style. We know what we need from a council and licensing perspective having nearly committed to this venture in 2017 so the challenge isn't getting a tasting room, it's getting you guys in there, purchasing mead so we can keep the lights on and door open.  Then getting you guys to tell as many people as you can about this modern Australian made mead because word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

If it helps, tell them it'll be decked out like the inside of a pirate ship. No guarantee's but if we can, we most definitely will. Look out in 2019 for more news about a tasting room.