Venture into the Forest

Venture into the Forest

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Hidden away, beyond the reaches of the menacing man, lies an oasis; a heaven on Earth.

Here, where the community lives freely, pays respects to the land, takes nothing and leaves nothing behind, is an idea of consciousness lost on many in our fast paced, main stream, needy lives. 

An off the grid, sustainable, zero carbon footprint working-community that collects their tea grown from within the Daintree Rainforest. Our kind of people. We teamed up with Rainbow Chai to make some mead inspired by their dreams of a better world. Using an organic blend, we fermented our best NSW Red Gum honey and aged on French Oak. After maturation, we blended with another equally sustainable and beautiful mead; a Whole Hive mead that encapsulates using all resources and leaving nothing to waste. Harvesting the wax, cappings, some pollen and everything else that makes a bee hive we made what can only be described as one of our lightest and delicate meads to date, a mead that instead of sipping, felt like breathing honey air. 

These two remarkable meads come together in the forest, blending together around each other like vines, growing into something more than just their individual makings. Served chilled on ice.

10% ABV

3.1 standard drinks