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We used some unique approaches to making this mead. Hand-collected wild blackberries from the South Coast of NSW; allowing the wild yeast to start fermenting the fruit before adding our house culture; fermented with native lemon myrtle.

We 'dry herb'd' the lemon myrtle to utilise any bio-transformation that might take place**

Dry tannic fruit under-waves upfront, slight sweetness seeps through followed by the lemon myrtle gently lifting yet reinforcing the flavour of our honey and wild adventures.

A brut mead that is reminiscent of a natural skin contact or orange wine.

This batch underwent 6 months of bottle conditioning and secondary fermentation prior to its release.***

10% ABV

3 standard drinks


**At the moment this exact process and results is still undergoing research in our laboratory so results are relatively unknown until further accumulated data.

***Just like a red wine or some popular Australian sparkling and pale ales, yeast will be evident. Allow to settle when chilling and gently pour off the lee's prior to enjoying.