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Ale of a Time Kveik Hot-Head

Ale of a Time Kveik Hot-Head

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One of two vertical meads made for Aussie stalwarts of the beer media world: Ale of a Time.

We're proud of our dedication to making meads like no other and pushing the consumers palette in new directions to help grow their understanding and appreciation of the styles of mead that can be made. 

The two Norwegian yeast strains used for these meads, which were passed down through generations of families for over hundreds of years, have been isolated by Omega Labs.

This particular mead is made with the Stranda strain OYL-057 Hot-Head, features 2018 Red Gum honey and has both bittering and dry hop additions.

Like sisters at sea, these two meads have been entwined before the journey even began. Sailing out out an unknown adventure to unknown lands, together side by side. To today, arriving once again hand in hand having remained united their entire journey. We're proud to release not one but two meads made with these strains for you to choose from.

8% ABV 

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