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Product Photo for sour mead Honey Gone Gose
Product Photo for sour mead Honey Gone Gose
Honey Gone Gose

Honey Gone Gose

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Sour, sweet and yet salty at the same time. This first mead in our Siren Series; meads that pay tribute to the sultry songstresses of the sea. All meads in this collection will make use of salt to enhance, highlight, balance and develop meads into something you just cannot resist!

Inspired by classic beverages from around the world, but not being limited to any of them allows us to blend the best elements of both worlds.

As always local honey, our house lacto culture co-pitched with a non-sacc yeast, applied science along the way and here we have the first honey inspired Mead Gose example for you to experience. 

Bottle Size: 400ml

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