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Product Photo for sour mead Fingerlime Sour
Product Photo for sour mead Fingerlime Sour
Fingerlime Sour Batch #2

Fingerlime Sour Batch #2

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This is the second of three generations of our Fingerlime Sour Mead. 

All three batches are hand made with locally sourced indigenous fresh fingerlimes. The difference between all there will be the total quantity of fingerlimes, each generation receiving 100% more fruit than its predecessor.

Not your traditional styled mead, this is co-fermented with a German Ale yeast and lactobacillus. The yeast and bacteria are then allowed 6 months to integrate the fruit complexity before finally being chilled, carbonated and bottled, without filtering or pasteurising the culture inside. 

Batch #2 we dialled down the sourness a fraction, this encouraged a more balanced blend of fingerlime and lacto tartness yet increasing the overall sherbet mouthfeel.

We've limited this release to just 34 bottles at this stage. 

Bottle Size: 400ml

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