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Product Photo for mead with Australian native spices called Cast Net
Cast Net

Cast Net

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Emphasising endemic Australian ingredients, we sourced forest berry, rosella, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper and finally sumac to create this really unique flavour pairing!

Using locally sourced honey and ale yeast, we 'dry-hopped' the mead after terminal gravity was reached and let age. This is a wonderfully dry and refreshing mead that has wonderful depth that is unlike anything you have tried before. With bright carbonation to lift and release the aroma, this mead is sure to capture you with the first taste.

The third mead that incorporates our children names. This time featuring our third born (and yet to have his own business named after him) Banjo Hawk who is 3. The collective noun for a group of Hawks is a Cast and the name plays well for us as a family but also creates the vision of a cast net capturing the unique endemic spices.

Bottle Size: 400ml