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Voyage of Discovery



Without doubt, this mead was hard work. Not hard as in making sure it didn't go off the rails, but just in getting all the ingredients prepped and ready for the ultimate voyage of discovery into our abilities, our creativity and desire to make something unlike anything else available.

Where does it all start? On the South Coast of NSW there's a little coastal town called Culburra Beach. We know some folks down that way and one particular legend of the community offered us more macadamia nuts than the kids had patience to crack. If you know macadamia nuts, you'll know they are the hardest nut in the world to crack. And if you know children, you'll know their patience level are low; so we had a lot of macadamias. Let's use them to make our next mead? Why not, it's not like nuts have bucket loads of oil in their.......oh, wait up, they do have bucket loads of oil in their flesh. Hmmmmm, what can we do?

We did what all mad, creative, keen mead makers do. Cracked the nuts, roasted half and then pulped both the roasted and fresh flesh and boiled. Every now and then skimming the oils that would rise to the surface. How long did this take? Hours. After that, chilled down in the commercial size refrigerator to solidify any remaining oils on the surface. Skim again. After this we added honey, cored a lot of pears and let them ferment in primary with the macadamia nut water. What a combination. Some oak, some other secret elements and we have our hazy, fruity, most complex mead we've made to date.

Was it worth it? It's not the destination that matters sometimes, but the journey. And this journey of discovery has seen our skills tested, our patience wained and some of our most celebrated success. Initially released at the Towardgi Food and Wine event, we bottled some and put it aside. Now, its available to you and in our most limited volume to date.

So don't miss out, this is one mead that will probably be a long way off making an appearance again in the future. 

9.3% ABV.         2.8 standard drinks

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