Venturing into the Forest


This mead is another first in the line of altering the established ideas of mead whilst staying true to our values of a sustainable future for the namesake's of the business.

This mead starts its journey with a group of environmentally conscious humans which have connected with each other and formed a thriving, viable off-the-grid community. They have a business growing tea and making chai blends grown within the Daintree Rainforest. We connected with Rainbow Chai in 2016 after first hearing of their venture and have always loved what they stand for and are super proud to be able to showcase another Aussie small business.

After venturing into the rainforest, this mead meets another mead on its path. To create the deep, complexity beyond the chai aromatics it was blended with a whole hive mead we made at the same time. The whole hive mead was created after being generously gifted some cappings and other bee hive material, after extraction from a local beekeeper. This whole hive mead approach represents the very balance of nature, exposed to the elements and encapsulated within a time and place. The wax, pollen, royal jelly etc as well as the honey, all goes together as one, each element playing off each other. There will be beneficial nutrients and amino acids from the pollen and jelly that benefit the yeast, as well as flavour compounds from the wax and other elements in a hive.

After 12 months of maturing and extensive sensory evaluations, at the right point in time, these individual meads crossed path in the forest, were blended and bottled.

10% ABV          3.1 standard drinks.  



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  • Would like to order 3. of each of your new batch please


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