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Today's The Day

I'm please to announce, after much hard work, that we are officially releasing our Modern Australian Made Meads.

Some of you will know the personal set backs we've suffered along the way. It's hard starting your own company producing alcohol, or any company for that matter I'm guessing. I don't really know, Hunter and the Harp is the first company I've ever started.

At those difficult times, I'm lucky that I had a dream for the company's heart and soul to be centred around family. The name literally means family to Nerida and I, being named after our children. I'd like to continue dreaming and one day create a legacy for them.

Without the support of family I don't think today would have come. And it's at these amazing life moments that I'm inclined to stop and reflect. Today could not have been achieved if it wasn't for your support as well. And as hard as it is to convey the strength of my gratitude through this blog, I'm eternally grateful. 

I hope I can continue to surprise you with our crafted limited release meads and get to hear and share your excitement. But today is just the start, and we've got a long way to go. At the core of all good family networks is not only support but understand and encouragement.

I feel that as every element of this start up, and I mean every element has been done in house, not only have I learnt along the way from my mistakes but I'll probably make a few more as we move into new areas. I'll take responsibility for those mistake and make them right. I'm striving to create a customer service mead experience that if the mead hasn't taken your breath away, the customer service will leave you breathless. 

It's like taking a new vessel with new crew into unchartered waters. 

Hugs and Fishes



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