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Shipping, it has so many wonderful meanings!

As a seafarer by heart, I still maintain a close relationship to the sea. Is it a coincidence that sea and free rhyme? Probably sure, but there's no doubting that the very nature of what most of us Mariners do is to be free. After you've slipped and stored your lines and make your way seaward beyond the last channel markers, the feeling of being free once again would always wash come over me. Phone's will loose reception pretty soon, you can't do anything about outstanding bills or overshadowing concerns. You know that there's literally nothing you can do until you return and as strange as it sounds it's a very relaxing feeling. 

But shipping now means something completely different. Freight, postage etc all play an important role in ensuring we get our product to you in the best possible condition. The two main things at stake we see; the customers positive experience and our reputation. Both as equally as important as each other.

If your experience is not what you were expecting, we've let you down and our reputation in your eyes suffers. Conversely if our reputation is low, you're not likely to even embark on a journey with us in the first place for us to offer a positive voyage. Both end badly. To ensure we continue to offer modern Australian made meads in the finest possible fashion, we've made some important decisions.

We will ship customer orders on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday only. Our nationally recognised shipping company has a great reputation however we want to ensure that our meads aren't spending unnecessary time sitting in storage awaiting pick up, especially over the week-end. Why does it matter? We're not worried about our products being perishable, they don't have a shelf life so technically they can sit here in our cellar or at a warehouse.

Technically yes, however we are handing over custodianship to you to either enjoy as you sit fit or cellar approximately. What you do with our mead when you get it is your choice. That's when you get it. Up until then we'd rather ensure the mead, most importantly, remains at a relatively stable temperature. Australia can be harsh, and hot. Bloody hot, especially in a parked car on a hot day. We're not joking when we say sometimes "it's boiling outside".

We do still do Local Drop Off within 20km of Wollongong, reach out and hit me up at joel@hunterandtheharp.com.au before you put in an order if you're not exactly in the region but still close by. The Troopy is always out and about so we should be able to sort something out any day inc. weekends.

We've also received more than anticipated international enquires. Clearly our online store isn't set up as yet for international shipping but its something we're looking at incorporating now following the demand. My initial concerns are that international shipping fee's will be too high and as previously mentioned above the lag time from us to you may allow for a temperature spike over the 7-10 days. But we are looking at it. 

Have any ideas or live overseas and want to take the leap, shoot me an email. Love to hear from you.




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