White Label Range OUT NOW!

Same Same But Different

Hey you! 

Thanks for checking us out. If you're one of our recent supporters, you'll notice a slight change to our bottles. The format and size remain the same, it's just the colour of the vessel that's different at the moment.

Our importer/supplier closed their Australian base last year meaning no more imports of the bottles we were using. Technically, we could import them ourselves but if you know how small of a company we are you'd know importing a pallet or two at a time just isn't viable.

So instead we are utilising a more common style and colour that's already in Australia. There's not a great deal of difference but side by side you can see the there is a more pronounced green instead of the darker style we chose originally.

It's just one of the small things that we need to roll with to keep ourselves in the game. Let us know which one you prefer. Stay safe. H&H.

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