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Our Unique Bottles

Sourcing our bottles was a mission.
We strived to find a bottle that would instantly stand out yet at the same time wasn't out of place amongst fine wine or aged beers at your next dinner party, outdoor event or function. We knew what we wanted and we're very particular with what we needed. 
They're imports. Australia doesn't have a great deal of selection when it comes to anything other than 330ml beer bottles or 750ml wine bottles. They've got a larger crown cap than a standard or craft beer bottle and sourcing anything 'other than norm' also took some time.
We also spent a great deal in discussions with our cork supplier (who are legends by the way; need corks? Head to https://www.masilva.com/ ) and tested and trialled different depths and cork sizes. The bottles are rated to 7VOL (champagne) so all of our sparkling, bottle conditioned and sour meads are suitable. And the fact these can be both crown sealed (as already available online) and corked and caged as seen here.
We also had to consider price point into the market. Entering with 750ml bottles was too large a risk. Our work load would've been reduced by half no doubt, as would our bottle costs, but the price tag would have put too much psychological pressure on those on their new mead journey.  Honey isn't cheap; it's up there with the most expensive fermentable sugar commercially available. And it's not in abundance either, we need to support our beekeepers if we want any sort of a future that revolves around making delicious beverages for the nautical nymphs in all of you.
The end result was, we chose the 400ml bottle fill to offset the price point, to allow more freedom in choice, to allow you the opportunity to sample as many styles as you could afford. Keep in mind though, that they still contain a level of ABV% that may be hidden by the sheer deliciousness of the mead, so as always:
Drink Responsibly. 

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