How Best To Serve Our Mead

Due to Hunter and the Harp's unique place in the mead industry, our modern Australian made meads are designed for our climate, our culture and reflect all that is wonderful about our country. 

Choosing when or how to delight your senses needn't be an unknown when deciding to open one of our limited release meads. But for those wishing to undertake the experience with maximum pleasure, we've prepared some recommendations to assist you on your mead voyage.

Firstly, we recommended standing the bottle upright in your fridge for 2-3 days to reach optimum serving temperature. If you have recently received your package you may wish to store the bottle upright for longer ( 4-5 days).

We are proud of our ability to bring to the market super unique live-cultured sour meads, some of which are bottle conditioned, never pasteurised and very rarely filtered. Because of this, our bottles will have a small amount of yeast captured within. This yeast has the ability to carbonate our meads in the bottle as well as allow the mead to develop with age. Think red wine. Or aged sour beers. But know that its there for a reason.

Ok, secondly invite some friends around to share the pleasure with.

Or not. We won't judge if you don't.

We do recommended however serving our product in glassware that will capture and enhance the aromatics whilst keeping the mead cool. A stemmed glass that you save for special occasions would do nicely. Stemless works as well however will warm up the mead if you're a clingy type. 

Now, gently pry off the crown seal to get a tiny lille 'psfft' and then remove the crown seal altogether. In the same way you decant a red wine, pour the mead in separate glasses carefully. Try and complete this in one movement to minimise yeast transfer and keep clarity. Most meads this isn't a concern, we just like to make mention of this for those not used to hand batched craft mead.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Share, Immerse, Capture, Experience the moment.

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