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Hot Sour Mead and Low Pressure Systems

Without going into to much metrological science, low pressure systems, Buys Ballots Law, Coriolis effect etc, it's important to know one thing: when it gets cold outside, you want to be warm on the inside. It's elementary science really. Being cold on the outside AND on the inside is a sure fire way to get rid of any fascination you've had with the Win Hof method.

So what to do? Hunter and the Harp aren't renowned for releasing the style of mead that is high ABV and sugar content, a mead that typifies a warming beverage by the fire place. Instead, want to know what we do?

Hot sour mead! In much the same way hot ales are beers that most would scoff and shake their fists at, demanding an ice cold beer, sometimes there's a time and a place for everything. And when it's bitterly cold-I'm not talking about 'time to put a jumper on' cold but that, I don't want to get out of bed cold, I don't want to go to work cold, I don't want to live cold where it's so cold you'd rather curl up somewhere and fall asleep forever. But you damn well can't because, quite frankly it's too cold too sleep; your teeth chattering like a kids wind up toy, your brain masochistly taunting you with images of hot baths, fire places and island beaches.

Don't be hatin' on yourselves. Come with us, curl up on the couch and let us show you a beverage that will take you to another place, a world away from the darkness and dreariness of your Winter. An offering of warmth and the opportunity to try something. A gift. 

How do you propose we do such a wonderful thing for ourselves? 

It's easy really. Take a bottle of Where to from Here, now choosing to share is optional, but if it was up to us at least one or two people should be with you. You can choose if you want to heat it up in a saucepan gently, waiting until its just hot enough to touch ie: if it gets any hotter you'll burn your self.  You can buzz it in the microwave for 30 seconds (sounds blasphemes we know, microwaving mead but we're not going to judge, its time saving thats for sure). Obviously don't do this in the bottle but in mugs, ceramic cups etc. And finally our favourite, but as yet untried method: hot rocks. It sounds like the way it should be done don't you think? Heat some lava rocks up on the fire and let them heat the mead up from inside the mug. Arrgghhhh!!

Hot sour mead, what are you waiting for?

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