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Hive Mentality

You wake up. 

You get dressed. You make yourself a cup of coffee.

You eat breakfast. 

You jump in your car and you drive to your place of work. The day continue’s with you being the centre of your day, each and every day.

This isn’t being said to offend you, it’s the same for me. Although anyone that has young children know there’s not much time for you. But across the globe we mainly priorities ourselves and our immediate family and friends. We say we’d do anything for our family and our really close mates. And we mean it, too a degree. I’d definitely do anything for my children and for them i would happily lay down my life. I can’t say I would do that for anyone.

As people we are individuals and it’s that individualism that makes you, you and not everyone else. But you see, as great as that is, it makes it really hard to concentrate on more than just those few people. The further out we get into the community the less ‘care’ we have for them. We wouldn’t necessarily go out of our way for them, but then we wouldn't go out of our way to be impolite or rude though either. I know there’s a degree of generalising going on here, if you are one of those rare and magical creatures who always goes out of their way for others then, we want to give you a cuddle. It’s people like you that we should all aspire to be.

Now think about a bee’s day.

As soon as the hive starts to warm up everyone is straight into the day. The nurse bee’s feed and clean the Queen who is too busy to do so herself as she lays eggs literally non stop all day. The worker bee’s need to visit 7 million plants to make 1 litre of honey. They don’t stop. The term busy bee is named after them. 

Bee’s will die for the greater good of the hive. They rarely sting and only do so if the hive is threatened. They sting knowing that they will have their intestines pulled out when the barb gets stuck in your skin. Their last dying act is emitting a pheromone to warn the other bee’s that danger exists and then look out, it’s going to be on for one and all.

Imagine a world we’re we, as people put everyone else first. And I mean everyone before us. We feed everyone, we house anyone who needed it. We helped out people we didn't even know. This happens with the hive mentality. A beehive can have up to 50,000 bees, can’t imagine they know each bee by name but they still put the hive, the greater good of the hive before themselves. 

And this starts and finishes with the queen. To show how she put’s the greater good of the hive before herself, because as it gets close to spring time and the weather starts to warm up, the queen doubles her rate to build up a nice hive population. Occasionally there might be too many bee’s for the one hive so the queen takes the lead and with a bunch of bee’s, leave the hive in the hands to a new queen.

The queen who some could say had the most reason to stay, does what a true leader does and leads by example. What a women eh!

We over at Hunter and the Harp are all for this mentality. Where we want to help anyone who needs it and want to lead by example. We have a few things in the pipeline to start this, early days yet but if you want to keep up to date with how we plan to help others in the community and the environment then subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media and check in on our website occasionally.

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